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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What A Week!!

It's been a few days since I last wrote something, sorry, it's been a busy week! To recap we had two visits to two different hospitals (San Fransico and Stanford) and two hospital visits that were not by choice, We thank God that the visits to the surgeons went very well and nothing much changed with our baby girls condition, we give even more thanks that the two unplanned visits turned out SO much better than we had expected! In fact Lisa thinks she may have finally passed a kidney stone today and is feeling a lot better! Only 8 or 9 left! Yuck!!
We feel very blessed that we have had so much support from family and friends (old and new) Without all of you this journey would be infinitely harder than it already is!
We are still trying to figure out which hospital to go to for her, and although we have narrowed it down to two, every time we seem to lean towards one the other offers something that makes us lean the other way. It's nice to know we have two great hospitals that we know will take care of our child so we can bring her home, but making the decision is really much harder than we thought it would be. We are running out of time but I know in the end it will be right and what's best for our family!


  1. hey i saw you were following my blog and hopped on over to your blog. if you have ANY questions, need advice or want to vent email me. i have been exactly where you are. stay strong. one day at a time mama. praying for your journey. heart hugs
    jenn west

  2. You are such an awesome Hubby and Daddy!!!