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Friday, October 14, 2011


I would like to take some time to thank my husband Wes for being the great man that he is. When we first received our diagnosis I felt so helpless and scared. I wondered if I could ever feel like myself again. I remember my mom and my sister kept telling me how fortunate I am to have Wes for my husband. I remember thinking that the only thing that would help me to feel better would be the guarantee that my little girl will be okay. I thought, it didn't really matter who was in my life if my little girl wasn't going to survive this. Now, looking back, I realize how right my mom and sister were. How having him in my life, sticking right beside me has made a huge difference. I was becoming so consumed with doing research and choosing the right hospital for our daughter that I couldn't sleep and wasn't able to focus on anything else. He saw how overwhelmed I was feeling so he began reaching out to people on Facebook, asking questions, and making new friends. This has helped my mind slow down a bit. We have become so positive for our little girl. I know that Cemaia will feel our love for her as well as for each other and this will help her fight harder.

Also, I am very happy to announce that I got an appointment to speak with Dr Galantowicz next week. So we will have a busy week ahead of us. Monday we will be going to UCSF for our follow up echocardiogram, Wednesday we will be meeting with Dr Hanley for a consultation at Stanford and Thursday I will be speaking with Dr Galantowicz in Ohio. So we should make our final decision about where we will be going by the end of that week!!


  1. He definitely is a keeper!!! And nothing will ever be stronger for you little girl than the love you two have for each other!!! Keep up the good work guys, and always remember why yah made her!!

  2. Oh and congrats on the appointment!!!