Mia Marrone Heart Foundation Pendant

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cemaia's Glenn

We made this video right after her Glenn.  I heard this song the night before her Glenn and I had to make a trip to target.  It seems that I was really stressing about everything and when I got back into the car as soon as I turned the key this was on the radio.  I only caught the end of the chorus but when I did it really spoke to me.  As soon as I got back to Lisa I found the song and played it for her, she loved it too.  It's true that when you need it most God will send you a message if you are open to hear it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cemaia At Home!

Well I know it has been forever since we have given any attention to this page and we are very sorry. Since the last time Cemaia has had her Glenn and it's been about 4 months since.  She is doing well, although there have been a few scares along the way. I hope you enjoy the video and we will definitely make a stronger effort to keep this page updated.  Thanks again for all the support from those who have given it....you know who you are! We are also publishing this to YouTube so you can see it on your phone if you can't see it here!