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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Page for the Dads

Nothing much is happening today,  Last night I finally made a Facebook group for the fathers of CHD children.
It has become apparent to me and my wife as we go along on our journey as we come in contact with more and more heart families the majority of people we are talking to are the mommies. Not that I don't appriciate all the tons of information from all of these wonderful people, I was just suprised to see that there are not really any dads out there sharing their experiences. I mean I have met a few, maybe two, one for sure and he is really a great help even though he isn't a steeler fan. He still seems really cool!, but otherwise nothing.  So taking the advice from my wife I made a page for the guys to come to so we can brag about our kids, ask questions, and just know that there is a place where the dads can go and talk to other dads that are in the same boat.  Lets see how it works out, right now there are more mommies that are a part of this group than daddies, but it's still early and new and I have high hopes that this page will do well!

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