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Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello! I am making this blog to chronicle the journey of our unborn daughter Cemaia who has been diagnosed with Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome. I suppose I should start with a little about my wife and myself and then (hopefully) I will or my wife will try to give daily updates about what's going on in our lives and most importantly what's going on in our baby daughters life.
First of all my wife and I met in Feb. 2005 in the grocery store I was working at, after dating for three years we were married in aug of 2008. I know that's not very detailed but this isn't really about us, so I'm just giving the quick version of our life until this point. We live in Ceres ca and have six dogs, two pug mixes, one full pug, an English mastiff, and one chihuahua and a pit mix we rescued.
Ok, now for the important stuff. My wife and I decided this year that we wanted to start a family and seeing as we are both healthy from all the dog walking we never suspected anything would or even could be wrong with the pregnancy. For the first 20 weeks everything was wonderful, we got cloths for our baby girl even when we only suspected she was going to be a girl, we had her nursery all but painted and everything was great.
Then it happened, we went in for her twenty week sonogram and it seemed that the lady doing it was taking forever to get through it and getting kind of frustrated because she couldn't get the angle right, no big deal not like anything is wrong anyway, the geneticist a few weeks before had just got done telling us that everything was great" best I've seen today" he said. Later that night my wife got a call that they couldn't see the left chamber of the heart as well as they would like. I stayed home the next day to comfort my wife and see what the geneticist had to say, it wasn't good, "this is very real" she said, and we had to go back in to get more detailed sonograms. The next few days were tough, hopefully they are wrong, it was the first lady that didn't know what she was doing, it was the angle, or the equipment! any excuse we could think of to make this better we came up with, but it didn't get better, it was worse
than we could have even imagined.
The next few weeks were not good, we went to a doctor in Hayward ca that basically told us that he didn't believe our daughter was going to make it through the pregnancy, not something you should tell a woman scared to death in the first place, but he chuckled it off and said he probably wouldnt ever see us again and good luck with everything, needless to say we never went back to see him even when they told us we were going to have to for updates and sonograms, no we set up all our appointments through UCSF
After going to UCSF we then found out that the cardiologist we visited had thee important measurements wrong, things were not as bleak as we had been told and there was a lot more hope than we thought, this was one of the better days we had in a long time, it's really what we needed to hear, although she still faces a horrible condition it did not mean that we would have to say goodbye right away and we have a chance to bring our baby home.
So far since then my wife has done tons of research about different hospitals surgeons and procedures, she has made contacts with heart families across the country and is making sure our baby girl is growing big and strong for the fight that lies ahead, she is an amazing woman and is going to make a great mother!


  1. This is a beautiful and wonderful idea! Thank you guys for sharing this with all of us!!!! Love yah

  2. Thank goodness for social media. It is heartbreaking to me that the families of HLHS warriors are the ones educating new moms. That's why Sisters by Heart was founded...to give HOPE to you and the many others that will follow in your footsteps. Keep your chin up. Cemaia's journey may be long, but it is certainly worthy. She will amaze you and strengthen you more than you ever thought possible.

    Heart hugs,
    Mom to Zoe, HLHS, 17 months