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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy, but Frustrated!

Today has been well.....just another day, kind of.  I just got off of work, same thing, got there at six, worked, breaks lunch go home,  but today while on my break (gotta say that) I jumped on my phone to check out my facebook page. I get on and find that I have a friend request, "who the heck is this?" I wondered. Well it ends up that a husband to a woman that I met through a HLHS page befriended me and sent a message that basically offered any help and advise he could give and just general friendship because he and his family have already gone through what my wife and I are facing. This was awesome! I thought to myself what a wonderful thing this was that someone that doesn't know me and has no ties to me and my family would take time to write a message just to make us feel better.
I also thought about the many people that have stepped up in the recent months, my sister-in-law who has been there since we found out about this. She made a facebook page: 'L.I.S.A. 2011 Love Is So Awesome'  for people to post inspiring quotes and positive thoughts for us to look at when we are feeling down.  She has done much, much more and has really been there for my wife and I. We have had other people step up, wives of my co-workers  have been there just to give my wife an ear to talk to and a shoulder to lean on, one gave us a blessed mable for my wife to remember that God will guide us through to the other side when we bring our daughter home, another gave her support and will be taking her to Mended Heart meetings. And although my mother-in-law is dealing with her own medical issues she has been there everyday helping my wife stay positive and making her feel loved, and another of her lifelong friends has kept in contact making sure she is doing well everyday.  All of this is very much appriciated and needed! We thank you all!
This also got me to thinking about the other people that have disappered into the shadows it seems, I'm not sure why....well that's not true, I know why, probably because this is too real, too scary, too hard to deal with, or if it's out of sight it will be out of mind and things will work themselves out one way or another.  I started to think about this and I started to get very frustrated! YES, this is very real! YES this is very scary, YES this is extreamly hard to deal with. We deal with this everyday so no it isn't out of mind, and there is only one acceptable way for this to work out!  If you think this is hard to handle from the outside just imagine how my wife feels from the inside. I feel horrible because I can't fix it and can only imagine the hell she is going through!
I guess this was to be expected, although, I never thought that it would be from some of the people we assumed cared, but for every one person that dissappered we have found a multitude of people that have stepped forward, mostly strangers that out of the kindness of their hearts have opened their hearts and made us a part of their heart family, especially the three familys in Ohio that have opened their hearts and doors to our family, and the others that gave us their home numbers in case a question pops up that needs to be answered,  it really puts my faith back into humanity. For this we are forever grateful!! With their support each day is easier to get through and through their triumphs we become more and more positive for our own baby girl!
I'm sorry if i bummed anyone out by posting this, it just something that has been burning inside of me and I had to get it out.

P.S.  My Job and boss have also been very supportive through this as well!

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  1. Wes, I'm loving this blog, especially because I have been so busy with Mom. I am so thankful everyday that my sister has you to call her husband. Men as awesome as you and my hubby are a real gem and equally hard to find. Thank you so much for all the love and support you give her. You truly are her rock(diamond). This would be all the more difficult if she did not have someone as special and rare as you! I love you dearly bro!!!