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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy, Scared Stupid, Relieved!!!

Well it's two in the morning and we just got home a bit ago, I guess I'll start at the beginning of this incredibly CRAZY day and fill you in on why we are still up!
It all started this morning, just like any other morning we woke up, walked the dogs, fed the dogs, and then it was off to San Francisco for another sonogram to check our little girl.  Everything went smooth! We even got there early because there wasn't any traffic to deal with like there is in the morning, it was great! We got the sonogram done, they weren't too rough (for once) and the cardiologist said that nothing looked any different than it had the last two times and she wouldn't assume that there would be any change in the coming weeks. Great news! Although she did say that our little one might not be a candidate for the hybrid because her aortic arch was a little smaller than they like and there was no flow going through it, this news was not what we wanted to hear, but as has been proven before she could be wrong and we still have three more people to talk to and see what their opinions are.
So now we are on our way home, it's a little after 5:30 and we hit traffic going out of San Fran, "this is just great" I'm thinking, and we're hungry. Lisa starts feeling pain in her stomach and back, we're thinking it's from laying on her back for so long, then she starts having cramps. We get to Livermore and Lisa has to go potty. I'm not thinking that's a bad idea. We find a Target and make the stop. We went to GNC to find out that the protein drink she bought last month has been discontinued (gee wiz) and then we go into the Hallmark store to pick up some pregnancy cards I have been getting her every month and we found a cute pug ornament. Now I really have to go and we skip down to Target straight to the bathrooms.
So I'm sitting there taking care of business wondering why the guy next to me keeps flushing the toilet repeatedly.  My phone rings and it's Lisa. " why the heck is she calling me now?" "this isn't funny" I thought. Well she wasn't calling me as a joke, in fact it was very serious. She tells me that as she was going to the bathroom all that came out was blood. 
I ran out of that room in a shot, found Lisa and we went straight to the fist clerk we could find and asked where the nearest Kaiser hospital was. "Turn right out of the parking lot and straight down the street" and we are gone! Both freaking out (me more than her) we drive right past the hospital. After I go into a seven eleven and get bad directions, then find out how to get there off the phone (thank god for smart phones) we find the hospital! It's closed, this wasn't an emergency hospital,  it was just for routine visits. What are we going to do???  Now my wife is awesome under pressure while I on the other hand am not! She decides to call 911 and have the ambulance pick us up in the Target parking lot (GREAT IDEA!) So the ambulance gets there and we tell them what's going on so they put her in the ambulance, write down the directions to the nearest Kaiser (30 miles away) and we are off again, Lisa in the ambulance and me in the car, although I left first so I would be there when she got there. Never know how fast you can drive until your pregnant wife is in the back of an ambulance going to a hospital you have never seen in a town you've never been to!
We get to the hospital and the paramedics tell me I have to go to the other side of the hospital to park while they set her up, so I haul butt to the parking garage run back to the ER and talk to the slowest security guard they possibly could have hired. "I'll let you see her when the admit her, should take about 15 minutes." Ok I can deal with that, I sit down and wait, and wait, and wait. This is not making me happy! I get back, up look this guy dead in his eyes "WHERE IS MY WIFE?", the guard gets up (slowly) walks in the back and comes back to tell me she's in Labor and Delivery.  Holey crap!! If I wasn't freaking out already!! I run to the elevators (which happen to be in the other building) go to the second floor, and finally find Lisa.  She's coming out of the restroom already changed into the gowns that shows your butt off if you don't hold them closed. She has to run tests to see what's going on and she is hooked up to a monitor to make sure the babies heart rate is ok.  The OB on that night tells us that she may go into labor and they might have to give her a steroid shot to help the babies lungs develop.  If she is stable she will get transferred to UCSF. Not good! They do a few "invasive" tests and determine that the blood wasn't coming from the baby. After an ultrasound they find that there isn't anything wrong with the baby. THANK GOD! Lisa's whole body started to shake, she wasn't scared but we think the relief just took over. She took several deep breaths and calmed down. They do a final test and determine that with Lisa's history of Kidney stones and the fact that she wasn't drinking as much water as she had been, she had passed a stone, and because she was dehydrated it would have given her the symptoms of the beginnings of a miscarriage.  Although Kidney stones are serious we counted our blessings that it wasn't what we had originally thought it could have been, and the whole time my wife was calm and never really freaked out about anything.  She said she was being strong for our little one and man was she! I don't know how she did it but I was proud of her! My wife is awesome!
So that was our day. It's now three in the morning and I'm going to bed to dream about the day we can bring our little princess home! Good night! And thank you to everyone that sent us positive thoughts, prayed for our family, and showed us that we are loved! We love you too!

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  1. This made me cry for you guys. You are both so strong and love each other soooooo much! What better world and home could a baby be blessed enough to have the two of you! I'm so glad everything turned out all right. Yes, the kidney stones are an issue, but you know what I mean. For once the kidney stones were the lesser of the evils that could be. I love you guys!