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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gonna be busy this week!

This week is going to be a busy one! Tomorrow we are off to San Francisco for yet another sonogram, hopefully there is still no pressure in the heart where the veins connect the heart to the lungs and we also hope the atrial septum hasn't got any smaller. If the cardiologist we have been seeing is right ( hopefully she is) nothing should change from now until she is born. Then on Wednesday we are off to Stanford to see Dr. Hanley for his perspective on everything, he is supposed to be in the top 1% of surgeons in the nation so he is defiantly one of the people we have in mind to handle this for our little girl. Finally we have a phone consult with Dr Galantowicz in Ohio. We really would like to have him do the sugary for her because he does the hybrid approach and this is something we really want for our little one because we feel the Norwood procedure which is the most common way to go for HLHS may be too rough for our fragile little girl to go through in the first week of life. So hopefully after meeting with these two doctors we will be a little closer to a decision about what would be in the best interest of our daughter! Man it's gonna be a busy week! Wish us luck, say a prayer,and keep your thoughts positive!

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