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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Answered Prayers

So, I felt pretty sore today so I tried to get some rest. I found out yesterday that I am anemic so my hubby bought me some Iron pills and orange juice. It feels so good to be home today! Last night was the scariest night I have ever experienced. I couldn't believe that we were in the hospital, thinking we were going into labor and now I just cannot believe that we are back at home. I am so thankful. While in the ambulance I began praying that Wes would make it to the hospital safely. I could see how worried he was and I knew he would be driving a bit dangerously. Even the ambulance driver said, "Wow, this guy is driving like a maniac." He wasn't supposed to be following the ambulance. He was actually ahead of us at one point, then spotted us and followed us the rest of the way. When I first got to the hospital the doctor was talking about giving me a steroid shot so our baby's lungs could have an opportunity to further develop. She said that they would get us as stabilized as possible, keep me overnight and then transport me to UCSF. I was trying so hard not to cry and freak out. I knew I had to stay as calm as possible. The stress wouldn't help Cemaia...no matter what was happening. They performed tests and I just prayed for the best possible outcome, not even thinking that it could be my kidney stones. I believe that Cemaia was trying to tell me "mom relax, I'm okay." through her movements. She never stopped moving (throughout the ambulance ride and in the hospital).
I've had kidney stones since I was 17. I always know when I'm passing them, but this time I had no idea. After some invasive tests and an ultrasound, the doctor said the baby seemed okay and she didn't know where the blood was coming from exactly. Then she realized that I could be passing a stone. So I had to have a catheter put in...Ouch! It was confirmed. I was so relieved that my body just started shaking uncontrollably when she gave us the news. Wes was great and he began encouraging me to take deep breaths. We were so thankful and couldn't wait to get home. Our poor doggies were gated in for nearly 15 hours. They really had to pee when we got home...ran straight out the back door. I ate a bowl of cereal while Wes wrote on our blog and then we went to bed. Tomorrow we are meeting with Dr Hanley in Stanford for a consultation. Wish us the best! We will update everyone tomorrow!

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  1. As I said before, I'm glad things turned out OK, at least for Cemaia. I hope that you will be feeling better with those damn stones soon too! You guys are going to be able to turn your blog into a book, with all the love, ups and downs, twists and turns, keeping us on the edge of our seat, it would be a real page turner. And the love you guys have for each other would surely make it a best seller!! As always, you guys know I'm sending you my positive energy!!! I love you and GOOD LUCK at Stanford!!!