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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have an appointment in Stanford on Nov 30th. We will be there all day to get an echocardiogram and an ultrasound. We will also be meeting with the social worker, the neonatologist, and an OB doctor to make a delivery plan. We also have an appointment to meet with doctor Hanley on Dec 2nd. I can't believe it!! The  referral process took over a month. The first referral Kaiser only approved me to give birth so they had to resubmit a second referral to approve any testing and follow up care that I needed in Stanford. The second referral took a while as well and I was told that Stanford (as a facility) was approved but the doctors were not. I made many phone calls and finally got it straightened out. I can't wait to have my ultrasound...I'm curious to see how much Cemaia weighs. She is getting stronger everyday! Some of those kicks hurt :) but they make me smile.
We are still working on getting the house ready for Cemaia. We are moving furniture, stocking up on supplies (soap and sanitizer) and we are getting rid of clutter. I washed her clothes and blankets and packed a suit case for her hospital stay. I've been sleeping with her bear so it will have my scent on it. At first our dogs thought it was a toy for them,  but they've been really good about leaving it alone. It's 5 am and I've already been up for a couple hours so I need to get back to sleep before my doggies decide it's time to get up. Koda, Holly, and Wes are all snoring :)

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