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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nine Weeks To Go!

We've been busy getting the house ready for our baby girl. Wes painted Cemaia's room...it looks so pretty! Tomorrow we will sand down a hope chest so we can paint that as well and we are going to put up some trim around her window. Very excited!! When it is completed we will be posting some photos. We have a couple more projects we are working on for her walls. Wes is also going around the house making sure that every crack in the baseboards, trim, and walls is caulked up. Wes will be painting the main bathroom and turning it into a sanitize station for Cemaia's visitors. We are also going to rearrange some furniture and turn our family room into a sanitary room for Cemaia...free of dog hair. Sorry doggies, I never thought I would block them off from any room in the house, but they will not be allowed in Cemaia's bedroom or her familiy room during her inter stage period. Our doggies will still sleep in our room on their own mattress, while Cemaia will be sleeping in her bassinet next to our bed. We need to buy a good air purifier for our room. I'm very happy we are getting these important things done because I'm getting very nervous about the time flying by.
We are very grateful to our new heart family friends. They are offering so much of their helpful advice about hospital living. We will be ordering many things on Amazon for Cemaia's hospital stay. These families have also told us more about their experiences while in the hospital to better prepare us for what to expect and how to handle issues that may come up. We are very very grateful to these families.
A heart mom has recently called me to offer any advice and to lend an ear. She is amazing!! Such a strong woman! We still cannot believe how many wonderful families we have met since we received Cemaia's diagnosis just 2 1/2 months ago. Initially, we felt so lost and alone. These families have given us so much hope. It's truly amazing to us just how much they have helped us with this life changing diagnosis.

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  1. I too am so thankful for them. Even with a great family and friend support system, there is nothing like have support from those who have walked in your shoes and down your path!!