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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sore Throats, Refferals, and a Baby Shower

I'm back!  I know I haven't been writing too much the past few weeks, sorry : (
The past few weeks a lot has been going on in our lives. We received a gift from a part of our heart family from Kansas with some starter supplies for our baby girl and a blanket. We were very touched by this and would love to pay her back somehow someday, but for now all we can afford is to say thank you and it meant a lot to us that you would take time from your life to bring some happiness to ours!
Also Lisa has been fighting a cold for the last week or so. She has been taking vitamin C pills and drinking lots of OJ full of pulp to fight off the ickyness of her illness. Just one more thing that she can pile on top of her "this sucks" list I guess. Not to mention they stopped making the protein shake she grew to love two weeks after she found it. Seems like every time she finds something she likes they stop making it. I know that sounds like it wouldn't really happen but after I met her I started keeping track and it really does! It's kind of spooky! That's why I don't let her try any of the things I really like!
Ok on with the baby, I'm trying to make this as long as possible because I haven't written anything in awhile, feels like I'm back in school trying to impress the teacher! We also have been trying to get a referral to Stanford through Kaiser, but as anything health related seems to go they (of course) are dragging their feet. The first time we asked they gave us a referral but only to deliver at the hospital. That was great but you would think they would have also given a referral to see the OB before the delivery as well, but they didn't. Apparently they have such high regard for them they thought that they wouldn't need to see Lisa or would want to know exactly what's going on in there before the birth. WOW. Needless to say we are waiting for yet another referral which could take up to two weeks to get before they can make us an appointment to be seen. SHEESH!!  Also to make things better (one more for the list) her actual OB told her that she only needs to be seen once a month, this didn't make any sense because all of Lisa's pregnant friends with HH kids are seen every two weeks, and you would think that with a high risk pregnancy they would want to see her a minimum of every two weeks! This is also something that we are trying to correct
Last but certainly not least my mom threw a baby shower for us yesterday at my cousins house! The shower was very nice and a lot of my family showed up which was also very nice. I think some of the games were rigged so certain people would get certain gifts but I didn't get to play so it didn't really matter I guess.  We received many thoughtful gifts, and we were very grateful that everyone took time to celebrate our daughter with us! Although I tried to escape many many times I ended up staying until the end.
Well I suppose that's about it, although I know it isn't, hopefully I can give a better update a lot sooner next time!

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