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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ronald McDonald House

Well we are here at the Ronald McDonald House!  I miss my house sooo much! The day we got here we were supposed to leave at seven a.m. and go to an OB appointment at 10:30.  That didn't happen.  What did happen was us waking up about ten, calling the Dr.s office to reschedule our appointment, walking the dogs, locking up and saying goodbye.  The only thing holding Lisa back from balling her eyes out was telling ourselves that we would come back in a few days to check on things seeing as we probably won't have the baby anytime soon.  Now that we are here it seems that plans may have changed. Lisa is getting a lot more pains lower than she ever has before and thinks that the baby won't make it to her due date.  We have an appointment Mon, Tues, and Wed to find out what's going on in there, then we'll talk about maybe making a trip home to see her mom and the dogs, but i don't think that's gonna happen.
When we did arrive at the McDonald House we were very happy to see that everything we had heard about it was true, even before we registered they offered us dinner (spaghetti and Meatballs). Everything is very nice here and the other families are all extremely nice! I just wish the outside world was this nice, it would make it a much better place to live! Our room isn't big but we wouldn't need a big room anyway so it suits us just fine, but the bed sucks.  Well to be honest with out the two mattress pads and the padded mattress cover it sucks, but with these add ons  it is much much better. I have heard from other families that they got sleep number beds, and yes I am jealous! But bed aside we are very happy and thankful for everything the McDonald House is providing us! And if you don't believe in signs we had a huge one sitting in the main lobby for us.  In the main lobby they have a 12ft tall Christmas tree filled with nothing but dog ornaments from top to bottom! For those of you who know us that is one hell of a sign that we are supposed to be here!  We also got a 3ft tree for our room that is totally pink for Cemaia. It's not much but it brings Christmas into our room and makes us happy to look at it! Well that's about it for now.  Now that we are here and have nothing to do I'm sure we'll be updating the blog a lot more than we have been.

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  1. Thank you RMH, and I am so happy for you guys. Since you started to go to Stanford, I have had this warm feeling, a positive aura!!! Feels like good things are to come for you guys and Baby Girl!!!! I love you guys!!!