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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Contractions, Contractions,Contractions!

Well where to start? Hmmmmm.  Well I suppose last Wednesday because we were in Labor and Delivery  after a non-stress test because the ladies thought she was going into labor. They decided to let us come home because the contractions were relatively mild and she would more than likely just go into labor some time soon. WRONG!  We went through the holiday cramping and contracting along which was extremely uncomfortable for Lisa and as you can assume not fun. Although Christmas was kinda lame it did have it's moments where we were happy even though we could not see our family or friends. Christmas eve we had a very nice brunch in the morning and then for dinner another very nice family brought dinner which was also very good. Then Christmas morning on our way to yet another brunch we were extremely surprised to see that they had hung a stocking on our door with a little stuffed polar bear sitting on the floor. It wasn't much but it really made my day. The stocking had some See's chocolate balls (which Lisa loved) and a little globe she can put Cemaia's picture in.  We also picked up the presents we had picked out from the Santa's workshop and they are still wrapped and waiting for Cemaia.  After brunch (which was good) we took a nap and this whole time Lisa is still contracting like crazy! Oh yeah we also found at the door later that day a pair of slippers with a card to me. This was awesome because I really wanted a pair seeing as I'm too lazy to want to put my Vans on every time I want to leave the room.  Anyway Monday nothing really happen (we did get out of the room because we are going insane being in here all the time!) and Lisa was contracting like usual about 2 to 8 minutes apart but never really more than 10 minutes apart.  We did go to Labor and Delivery again because the contractions were coming just a little more than they have for the past 3 days and we wanted to see if she was farther along than the first time, NOPE.  So we decided to go out to eat. It was good! We woke up this morning early to go to another non-stress test at 10.  When we got there we told them that we were aware that Lisa had been contracting a lot and the day before she had just been to Labor and Delivery but they said she wasn't having strong enough contractions to say that she was in "active" labor, apparently the lady (although very nice) wasn't listening because she asked about 10 minutes into the test if Lisa was feeling the contractions because (once again) they were coming regularly and fast.  Of course Lisa was feeling them and we told them what they had said the day before and they let us come home.  On the way home we decided to go to our house in Ceres to see the dogs and her mom because we are home sick and just need a doggy fix.  We had the car packed with most of the extras we really don't need right now and were going to leave when Lisa decided it would be best to ask the OB before we leave just to get an opinion on how safe the journey would be.  Of course the answer was NO. Well at first it wasn't no, but after looking at her chart and talking to the doctor it was no. Although disappointed we know that staying here is probably for the best and that IS of course why we have been here so long in the first place. So here we sit while our daughter teases us with contractions waiting and home sick.  Oh well at least the dinner that is being provided tonight smells awesome and we get some free family pictures!  Gotta love RMH!

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