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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Shower!

Sorry this one is a little late, a lot of things have been going on and it kind of slipped my mind.....oops.
Anyhow here is the recap!
It was Sunday Dec. 11 and we got there about twelve thirty, we weren't late which was incredible and that was even after Lisa decided what she was going to wear which is a little limited nowadays. So we get to the party and do our rounds of hello and hugs to Lisa's Mom, Susan, Dave, Michael, and Kelsey.  We were handed two shirts (mine green and hers pink) for people to write well wishes and so fourth on. They also gave us two sashes to wear.  Lisa's was very nice and said "mommy to be", mine was  nice and had the word mommy scratched out and daddy written over it. I'm not sure what kind of marker they used but I started to get light headed from the fumes which prevented me from wearing it. People start to arrive and the party is on! Great food, and a lot of people showed up. It was so great to see so many people who cared about us. There was also a lot of fun games to play! The ongoing game through the night was the don't say "baby" game. Which I started to do very well at until my friends son tried to get me. Although he didn't my brother in law Dave tricked me and I lost. That little kid was clever and actually ended up with quite a few necklaces but in the end lost, oh well!  They also did the "how big is Lisa's belly game". I must say that some people are either really mean or just have really bad perception of how big she actually is, which drove Lisa and her oldest friend to laughter when one of the guests just kept taking more and more toilet paper! There was even talk of thinking she may have been taking it for her height rather than width. We did a "what is the baby name for that animal" game which I was horrible at, although I do think "egg" was the correct answer for many of the animals! One of the guy games was the "drink from the bottle" game which I am proud to say I did horrible at! My brother in law won that one ha ha! Also we played baby bingo which was fun. And last but not least we both filled out cards to tell what traits from both of us we want the baby to have, I chose everything to be like Lisa except her sense of humor, why would I want my little GIRL to look like me?? I did make crazy funny faces the whole time while people studied me which was fun!  Gift time was great and although I couldn't possibly name off all the presents we did get trust me when I say it was many wonderful gifts, a few duplicates, a pak and play from her brother Thomas, the babies room furniture from Lisa's mom and dad, a car seat from my mom and dad, and one very nice glider provided by her sister and her family, which we loved!  All in all it was a great time and we felt very blessed to have so many people show us love and to have such a wonderful sister and mom to throw us such a great party for our little girl!

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